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AnvilEight offers up to 12 months bug resolution warranty.

Matter of warranty

We provide a bug resolution warranty for the software developed by AnvilEight from scratch. This means that all the code was conducted by AnvilEight's developers and AnvilEight has full access to the code. AnvilEight requires to have full access to the servers that host an application. Subjects of warranty are:

  • Websites. Both frontendfront-end and back-end;
  • Libraries and modules;
  • Scripts;
  • iOS and Android applications;
  • APIs.

Application behavior that does not match what is described in the specification is considered as an issue and leads to a warranty case. Absence of specification or ambiguous treatment is not considered as a matter of warranty. Anything that was not explicitly stated in writing does not lead to a warranty case.

Warranty includes

  • Acknowledgement within 24 hours during business hours;
  • Provide an estimated time required to resolve an issue within 24 hours after acknowledgement;
  • Make necessary fixes and apply them to working environment;
  • Report back what the issue was and steps performed to resolve it.

Warranty types

  1. Free 3-month warranty for developments with a budget of more than 50'000 US dollars or equivalent;
  2. Free 1-month warranty for developments with a budget of more than 20'000 US dollars or equivalent;
  3. Free 2-week warranty for any development.
Please, contact us if you need to customize your warranty terms.The warranty terms described above may differ from the actual terms stated in a contract. This page is for review only.