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About us

Briefly about our company.

  • 2010 Founded
  • 38 Developers
  • 200+ Projects

Our offices are located in

Short History

AnvilEight company was founded in 8th in April 2010 by Andrey Zarubin. We started as an outsource development company that provided back-end services using Python programming language and Django framework.

Later in 2011, when we had grown to 6 developers, we started providing front-end services as well. 2012 was a significant year for us. We launched our mobile department, expanding our services to include building apps for iOS and Android. We also started to assist our clients with requirements gathering and analysis, as well as documentation and quality assurance.

Since 2016 we were enriched by the UI/UX design department and launched our QA automation department. At present, we still give our preference to Python language and related frameworks. In our projects with big data, we definitely use Python as well as Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-learn, etc. for data analysis.

Today, we are an enthusiastic team of 38 members, looking forward to being challenged and to deliver high impact services to our clients all around the world. At this moment the company is registered in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and London, United Kingdom. Head office is located in Kharkiv while the new office in London is now being established.

  • About Customers

    We work with companies and individuals from all around the world. Most of our customers are based in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia. However, we have (and had) a lot of clients from the rest of Europe and Asia.

  • About Infrastructure

    We have a wide range of tools and processes designed to achieve the mission and implement the values:

    • We maintain wiki which serves as a knowledge base. All the information, rules and experience are stored in our internal Wikipedia-like book;
    • We do DevOps. Our continuous integration process uses concourse CI with tons of pipelines built. It makes performing development operations possible without much fuss;
    • Our park of computers is constantly upgraded to ensure that we have the best tools money can buy;
    • We have scheduled Friday's all-hand meetings to discuss important things weekly;
    • We like to grow intensively more than extensively.
  • About The Tools

    We use several systems and tools in our daily work, namely:

    • PyCharm as an integrated development environment of our Python engineers;
    • Xcode and Android studio for mobile developers;
    • YouTrack as a project management tool and agile board;
    • Concourse as continuous integration and delivery system;
    • GitLab as a git repository provider;
    • Telegram as a chatting platform;
    • Django-based CRM/ERP system we created for operations and invoicing;
    • Bookstack as a wiki-like platform to store internal documents and files;
    • There are still millions of things to be done, and we are working on that.