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  • Python & Django & Flask frameworks
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL & MongoDB & Redis
  • AWS, GoogleCloud cloud providers
  • Angular.js & React.js front-end frameworks


  • Agile & Scrum framework
  • No managers. No vertical hierarchy.
  • Open communication. Anyone can talk to anyone
  • No non-technicals. Only engineers involved
  • YouTrack & Jira & Trello task trackers


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ANCHR - Social Networking website
ANCHR - Social Networking website
ANCHR is a website which enables users to post questions with images or other interesting visuals and get real-time votes and comments about questions that matter to them.
CLUTTER- Storage Company Management System
CLUTTER- Storage Company Management System
Clutter is a full-service storage company which provides for users to store and transport their items to the secure storage facility
THE SHELF -  Content Search Web App
THE SHELF - Content Search Web App
The Shelf is a platform for brands and influencers to connect and work with other and a directory for finding relevant influencers.
COTWINS - Research Study Project
COTWINS - Research Study Project
The primary purpose of COTWINS is to use new technologies to understand how genes and environment are influenced to adolescents, their development and behavior.
CAR WASH - Car Wash Booking App
CAR WASH - Car Wash Booking App
Car Wash is a mobile application provides current local auto detailing professionals with a real live customer waiting to receive their services immediately.
RYDE HOPPER- Taxi Application
RYDE HOPPER- Taxi Application
Ryde Hopper is a taxi application that helps students to find riders or riders going to the same way and share the costs.

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