Anchr- Social Networking Website

ANCHR is a website which enables users to post questions or visuals and get real-time votes and comments about questions that matter to them.

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Clutter- Storage Management System

Clutter is a full-service storage company which provides for users to store and transport their items to the secure storage facility.

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Progressive Click - Affiliate System

Progressive Click is a big system which allows users make money online whereby a publisher gets the reward for helping a business by promoting their product, service or site.

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Credit Calculator- Credit Scoring System

The main point of the project is to calculate the credit interest rate for a user. The system is designed to find out the best interest rate for a loan to satisfy both investors and borrowers.

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uBid- The Bridge Application

uBid is an application for smartphones and tablets allows to practice and improve your skills in the Bridge game.

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Sudz - Car Wash Booking App

Sudz is a mobile application provides current local auto detailing professionals with a real live customer waiting to receive their services immediately.

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Ministry Of Sound - Music Website

Ministry of Sound was one of the key locations in the development of house music and super-clubs in Britain in the early 90s.

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The Shelf - Content Search Web App

The Shelf is a platform for brands and influencers to connect and work with other and a directory for finding relevant influencers.

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Cotwins - Research Study Project

The primary purpose of Cotwins is to use new technologies to understand how genes and environment are influenced to adolescents, their development and behavior.

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Ryde Hopper - Taxi Management Solution Application

Ryde Hopper is a taxi application that helps students to find riders or riders going to the same way and share the costs.

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Decorate Me - Blog About Landscape And Interior Design

DecorateMe is a blog about landscape design and architecture. You fill find an articles about flowers and interiors as well.

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Pole Dance Dictionary - Video Hosting Website with Social Features

The Pole Dance Dictionary is a completely free website for the modern pole dancer. We created web, iOS and Android apps in the scope of this project.

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CRM - The Internal Accounting System

The CRM system is our internal project designed for automation of the processes such as client service, financial reports, control and so on.

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Crowd Defend - Crowd Funding Platform

CrowdDefend is a crowd funding system allows society to correct the injustice where court doesn't system.

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Service Cataloge - Cloud Case Management Application

Cloud multi-tenant case management application for telecommunication companies. Service Catalog provides management system for call agents.

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Mode Walk - Fashion eCommerce Website

ModeWalk is a fashion website providing stylist's services. ModeWalk offers a highly curated selection of exceptional designers who represent the vanguard of European fashion.

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A System for 3D Models

It is a photo booth system that allows automated creation of 3D models for 100 photos simultaneously.

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CMS System Built with Python and Django

CMS is a web-based set of tools that are designed to create and manage a website and its content. It includes plugins to extend functionality and to make management of a website simple. 

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