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Data Analysis

AnvilEight using Data Analysis transforms your technical data into intelligent action. Our developers using data analytics tools to help you analyze performance metrics, predict customer behavior or visualize the data so you can better manage your organization.

Who is this for?

Companies that want to convert huge amount of technical data into business information;
Businesses that want to enhance firm performance;
Companies that want to integrate analytics tools into their daily operations;
Firms that need to collect financial data and predict clients behavior.

AnvilEight experts will assist you with:

  • Data Preparation;
  • Data Prediction;
  • Data Visualisation;
  • Grouping of Data;
  • DevOps support.

How does it work?

You provide the requirements of project development to us. AnvilEight selects Data Analysis engineers, Scrum master and QA engineers for your project;
We plan what we have to start with based on the high priority of the tasks;
We lead all the process; nevertheless, you can make changes during the process;
When your project is run, you may decide to have it continuously supported and refined by AnvilEight.