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Anchr is a social focus group network built with Python and Django. It is the simplest way to ask for, give, and receive real-time votes and comments about questions that matter to you. It has to be pixel perfect. And we did it so.

  • Service: Web App
  • Industry: Social


  • Python
  • Django
  • Backbone.js
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Anchr is a website where you get to post questions and get answers. It looks a bit like Pinterest and you get to input when people are having a hard time choosing. You can post a question with images or other interesting visuals, share with specific people or make it public, and watch votes and comments come in. The person asking had brought it down to 4 items and then, like a poll, it had choices. As the other users vote, it may help the author to make a choice.

Challenges and Solutions

The most challenging aspects of this project were the constantly changing requirements. The reason for this was evident as was a startup. The client changed the direction of the platform so many times after release and that called for more flexibility in the way we operated. Lastly, the front-end proved very challenging because of the complexity of the design. The solution for these conditions appeared in using Backbone.js. It reduced the number of efforts required and added necessary flexibility.

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Startup Nature of The Project had trouble in getting traction, which is why we made releases every week. In terms of project management, the key to our success was the combination of agile and classic waterfall methodologies. This worked and we were able to have a quick turnaround. In terms of risk management, we usually use PERT technology which works for us just fine. All communications through work happened in English.


Unfortunately, the project didn’t get enough traction and was terminated. The initial part of the project was done in time and within budget.