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Pole Dance Dictionary

Pole Dance Dictionary is a video hosting website with social features that provides with hundreds of short videos of pole dance moves that you can learn.

  • Service: Web App
  • Industry: Education


  • Python
  • Django
  • Celery
  • RabitMQ
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Dictionary Universe consists of the websites listed below:

  • Pole Dance Dictionary
  • The Circus Dictionary
  • The Workout Dictionary

Those websites share the same user database but not the content. This concept allows users to navigate across Dictionary Universe without having to log in each time.


Websites allow users to watch videos on a desktop, tablet, and mobile, in the browser and through using native iOS and Android applications. Moreover, users are allowed to upload any kind of video they can ever record on their devices. Thus, we standardized and converted videos uploaded. Video conversion was made using Python and ffmpeg bind called PyFFmpeg.

We also re-designed entire site and applied material design. It uses framework which is created by google and is open-source project.

The Overall Process Is As Follows:

Handle the upload and retrieve the content file

Determine its format and codecs that are use

Convert the video to a standard mpeg code

Do other manipulations with the video to increase its quality and make it work across all devices

Upload videos to Amazon S3

Background processing using Celery + RabbitMQ to make it unnoticeable for users

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Additional Details

Another aspect of the project is the API for the mobile applications. The challenging part here was to manage the process and maintain all the documentations. Experience in developing mobile applications helped us, thus apps was released successfully. The backend was built on django + django-rest-framework.