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The CRM system is our internal project designed for automation of the processes such as client service, financial reports, control and accounting systems for employees, sales, and so on. The CRM system allows to improve business processes, calculate financial operations, and analyse the results.

  • Service: Web App
  • Industry: Fintech


  • Python
  • Django
  • Celery
  • Redis
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The main mission of the company is to help our customers achieve their goals by creating authentic stories (which don't look like a traditional ad), which are then told by the right influencers (not just TV celebrities but everyday people who are authentic, relatable, and have an audience relevant to the brand), and are then finally delivered on the right time and right place (online medium).


Our CRM system consists of the two main sections: internal and public. The internal part of the CRM consists of the following modules:

  • Employee Dashboard. The employees can request money here for their needs such as office equipment, food, etc. Also, there is a possibility to request vacation days.
  • Sales. This section handles sales process and keeps track of the customers, leads, communications and such. Sales can manage their leads and see aggregated statistics by various dimensions such as “time that the lead spent in particular stage”. We have also implemented the automatic pull of email conversations to the system to keep all the communication information in a one place.
  • Financial reports. This part allows us to send quotations, orders and invoices via various channels (emails, telegram). This module allows us to keep information about payments and notify clients if the invoice is overdue.
  • Employee Management. It is an administrative part of the employee dashboard. It allows managers to approve and reject expense requests as well as leave requests.
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The public part of the CRM is called Portal and has several functions:

  • Manage invoices, orders, and quotations. Clients can see all the payment-related information using their credentials. They can also approve quotations online.
  • Builds.Our customers are able to see all the recent builds of mobile apps (iOS and Android) and install them using their browser. It provides an ability to view the build history.
  • Get help.Our help system stores all the main resources which could be useful for our clients. This is a client-specific section that provides an ability to find necessary information and answer client’s questions.

Future Plans

We plan to integrate with popular CRM systems such as Xero and BaseCRM so that we can synchronize the data directly with clients. This will allow to simplify the interaction and reduce any friction. Another short term goal is to add an online payment system so that invoices can be paid via Portal.