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Progressive Click

The Progressive Click system allows users to create the links that affiliates can add on their web page/blog for recommending the other company's product in order to receive commission for purchases made by the attracted customers.

  • Service: Web App
  • Industry: Advertising


  • Python
  • Django
  • Celery
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
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Our client’s project is an affiliate system. The purpose of the project was to create a system that has five core roles: Progressive Click website (that allows users to take a part in this scheme), affiliates (that add the link on their own web page to attract users to take part in the system), the landing page (contains offers for the user's registration), the product website (provides services for users), and users.


Create a queuing system

Edit the Pokies Land landing page

Edit the Arbitrage Options landing page

Edit the TaxKickBack landing page

Create the pixel tracking syste

Allow users to reset their passwords

Add a MailChimp integration

Integration with HasOffers

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We created a queuing system for performing background tasks using Celery to process the registration, payment, and relevant information daily.
Our developers integrated back-end with HasOffers. HasOffers allows users to monitor and track the revenue coming in from the online efforts. It runs a custom back-end and takes advantage of the API offered by the service.
Our team created the registration and storage systems. These systems allow, after the registration, to save the information about users in the database and automatically send it to the HasOffers back-end to track and manage user and affiliate relationships. Our developers created a pixel tracking system that accepts user’s registration and marks it as a "conversion" to determine the registration made by the user to the affiliate.
We also added a MailChimp integration for further mailing to users. Progressive Click also allows the creation of different landing pages that will attract customers to take part in the system and lead them to the retailer website.

How It Works

The Progressive Click website allows affiliates to register on this website and get the link to attract users to take part in this system. The affiliates can add this link to their web page and attract users. Users follow the link to the landing page, where they can register to use the service.