• Hourly

  • $35/Hour

  • Pay for time spent on development

  • You are the manager so you decide where to spend time and money

  • Developer does all the testing

  • We provide the development environment and tools

  • DevOps included

  • Dedicated Team

  • $2,800/Week

  • Flat weekly fee

  • Fully functional team

    (Developers, QA, Scrum master)

  • Quality assurance engineer does all testing

  • We provide the development environment and tools

  • DevOps included

  • Warranty policy applies

  • Free support period provided

  • Insurance

  • $900/Month

  • Flat monthly fee

  • New developments are billed separately on an hourly basis

  • Support and maintenance services provided

  • We provide monitoring tools

  • DevOps included

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When can you start?

Usually, unless you require a lot of people, we can start immediately. Most often, one or two developers can start on any day.

How do you guarantee your work?

We provide two weeks of bug resolution warranty after the work handover, which means that if you didn't catch something during the transfer process, you still have another two weeks to do so. This period is longer for larger projects. Please, see our warranty policies for more details.

What about the development process?

Our main development framework is Scrum. We organise our work in sprints (usually two weeks), maintain a backlog, and do daily scrum meetings. We anticipate that the product owner will take a lead on backlog creation while Scrum master helps him to do it in an efficien way. Typically, we use the Concourse continuous integration server to deliver software.

  • No managers. Scrum master can guide, educate, and help the team, not control. We believe that there is no need to tell professionals exactly what to do
  • No non-technicals. All the team members are engineers
  • Flat team structure. There is no subordination. Each team member has his own role and reports to the entire team rather than a manager
  • Anyone can talk to anyone. Communication is transparent and questions are always welcome. Developers can talk to the product owner freely

How much experience do our developers have?

All of our developers have 2 to 7 years of experience in the field. The company itself has operated since 2010.

How many developers are there?

We have 20 engineers right now.

Can I talk to some references?

Yes. We do have references you can contact. However, we have to ask our references to share their contact information each time it gets requested so, please - message us in case you need it.

What do we need from you to start?

  • Description of the core features you would like to build
  • Sketches or wireframes of the UI (if applicable)
  • Any constraints and expectations if they exist (deadlines, budgets, etc.)

This is enough to initiate a discussion and estimate the project.

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