We provide outsourcing development services using Python & Swift and Java to develop web and mobile applications for both iOS and Android.

Python & Django

Our main expertise for web development is Python language and related frameworks:

Django Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
Flask Web framework that gives developers possibility to build scalable, extensible and fast applications quickly.
Angular.js & React.js Open-source JS-framework. Designed for single-page applications development.
MySQL & PostgreSQL & MongoDB & Redis Database management systems

iOS & Android

We create mobile applications for iOS & Android using these technologies:

iOS development Android development
Swift - programming language for iOS development Java - programming language for Android development
Objective-C - programming language for iOS development Spring framework
Apple's Cocoa&Cocoa Touch frameworks OrmLite&Realm frameworks, etc.


Process principles

Agile & Scrum framework
No managers. No vertical hierarchy
Open communication. Anyone can talk to anyone
No non-technicals. Only engineers involved
YouTrack & Jira & Trello task trackers


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