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The participation is now closed

Sep 21, 2018

However, you can still submit an application form and we will consider you outside and may give a free course. See original description below.

AnvilEight invites you to take part in the draw of five free online programming-related courses. Within the courses you will be able to get theoretical knowledge of JavaScript language, React library, Vue.js framework and advanced CSS, Sass concepts. As a bonus you would be able to visit a few practical lessons at the company, where experienced engineers would answer the most common questions and familiarise you with usage of the technologies based on the examples in the real projects they have built.

What do we offer?

  • You will get 5 free online courses which will help you to learn basic tools and approaches to the development using JavaScript, React and Vue.js.
  • We will create a group in Telegram where you could discuss the topics with each other and ask questions to our experts.
  • During the training you will also get the ability to strengthen your theoretical knowledge by attending additional practical lessons at our office.
  • After successful completion of the courses and being interviewed you’ll be able to start a career at AnvilEight.

What are the requirements?

  1. You have basic knowledge of programming;
  2. You have at least a pre-intermediate level of English;
  3. You live in Kharkiv.

Curriculum for this courses

  • The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp (2018)

    • 155 lectures
    • 30 hours
    Learn JavaScript by building real-world apps.

    You can find a full description of the course here.

    • Course Overview
    • Setting up Your Machine
    • JavaScript Basics: Variables and Flow Control
    • JavaScript Functions
    • JavaScript Objects
    • JavaScript Arrays
    • JavaScript in the Browser
    • Data Storage, Libraries, and More
    • Expanding Our JavaScript Knowledge
    • Advanced Objects and Functions
    • Asynchronous JavaScript
    • App Themes
    • Cutting-Edge JavaScript with Babel and Webpack
    • Wrapping up
  • React 16 - The Complete Guide (incl. React Router 4 & Redux)

    • 424 lectures
    • 34 hours
    Dive in and learn React from scratch! Learn Reactjs, Redux, React Routing, Animations, Next.js basics and way more!

    You can find a full description of the course here.

    • Getting Started
    • Refreshing Next Generation JavaScript (Optional)
    • Understanding the Base Features & Syntax
    • Working with Lists and Conditionals
    • Styling React Components & Elements
    • Debugging React Apps
    • Diving Deeper into Components & React Internals
    • A Real App: The Burger Builder (Basic Version)
    • Reaching out to the Web (Http / Ajax)
    • Burger Builder Project: Accessing a Server
    • Multi-Page-Feeling in a Single-Page-App: Routing
    • Adding Routing to our Burger Project
    • Forms and Form Validation
    • Redux
    • Adding Redux to our Project
    • Redux Advanced
    • Redux Advanced: Burger Project
    • Adding Authentication to our Burger Project
    • Improving our Burger Project
    • Testing
    • Deploying the App to the Web
    • Working with Webpack
    • Next.js
    • Animations in React Apps
    • A Brief Introduction to Redux Single-Page-App
    • Building the Burger CSS
    • Next Steps and Course Roundup
    • Extras
  • Advanced React and Redux: 2018 Edition

    • 236 lectures
    • 21 hours
    Detailed walkthroughs on advanced React and Redux concepts - Authentication, Testing, Middlewares, HOC's, and Deployment.

    You can find a full description of the course here.

    • Welcome! Let's Get Started!
    • Testing
    • Higher Order Components
    • MIddlewares with Redux
    • Server Setup - Authentication
    • Client Side Auth
    • Rally Coding
    • Testing
    • Test Environment Setup
    • Higher Order Components
    • Middleware
    • Client Side Authentication
  • Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More!

    • 125 lectures
    • 28 hours
    The most advanced and modern CSS course on the internet: master flexbox, CSS Grid, responsive design, and so much more.

    You can find a full description of the course here.

    • Introduction
    • Natours Project — Setup and First Steps (Part 1)
    • How CSS Works: A Look Behind the Scenes
    • Introduction to Sass and NPM
    • Natours Project — Using Advanced CSS and Sass (Part 2)
    • Natours Project — Advanced Responsive Design (Part 3)
    • Trillo Project — Master Flexbox!
    • A Quick Introduction to CSS Grid Layouts
    • Nexter Project — Master CSS Grid Layouts!
    • That's It, Everyone!
  • Vue JS 2 - The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex)

    • 389 lectures
    • 22 hours
    Vue JS is an awesome JavaScript Framework for building Frontend Applications! VueJS mixes the Best of Angular + React!

    You can find a full description of the course here.

    • Getting Started
    • Using VueJS to Interact with the DOM
    • Using Conditionals and Rendering Lists
    • First Course Project - The Monster Slayer
    • Understanding the VueJS Instance
    • Moving to a "Real" Development Workflow with Webpack and Vue CLI
    • An Introduction to Components
    • Communicating between Components
    • Advanced Component Usage
    • Second Course Project - Wonderful Quotes
    • Handling User Input with Forms
    • Using and Creating Directives
    • Improving your App with Filters and Mixins
    • Adding Animations and Transitions
    • Connecting to Servers via Http - Using vue-resource
    • Routing in a VueJS Application
    • Better State Management with Vuex
    • Final Project - The Stock Trader
    • Deploying a VueJS Application
    • Course Roundup
    • All Course Exercises ("Time to Practice")
    • Using Axios instead of vue-resource
    • Authentication in Vue Apps
    • Form Input Validation
    • Vue CLI 3

Terms of participation:

  • Make sure that you live up to all requirements in the section above.
  • Fill out the application form here.
  • The contest lasts from 9th September to 21th September 2018.

How will the winners be determined?

The contest lasts two weeks. We identify 10 winners that we think meet the requirements the best. However, we’re able to choose additional winners in case we like more than 10 submissions.

After completing the competition and announcing the results on our Facebook page our HR manager will contact each of the winners to get acquainted and make sure they meet the requirements of the competition. In case they don’t, we reserve the right to replace them with the most appropriate candidates.

Thereafter the winners will start the courses one after another. You will be able to start the next course only after the confirmation of the completion the previous one.

Have any questions or feedback? Email us to