Dedicated Development Teams

We believe in team work. Great achievements are only possible by cooperation with peers and helping each other. This is why we offer teams which can work exclusively on your project. It is the most effective and efficient way to organise work, both in terms of costs and time. Our teams consist of people who are the best fit and have all the necessary skillset to achieve your project's goals.

Web Development Team

Web applications nowadays are both back and frontend heavy. We use Python & Django as our backend frameworks most of the time and either react.js or angular.js for the projects that require significant javascript development. Our typical web development team consists of the four people:

  • Python (Django/Flask) developer with database skills
  • Frontend (React/Angular) developer with Python & Django skills
  • QA engineer
  • Scrum master

This kind of team could achieve a lot within a short amount of time. It is small enough to provide a quick turnaround and big enough to perform a significant amount of work.


Mobile App Development Team

There is a bigger variety of skills required to create a successful mobile application than a web one. Often, there are three components of mobile apps to be considered: Android app, iOS app and backend which typically has an admin panel as well. Thus, the team should have relevant skills to be able to produce these components.

An example of a mobile team could look like this:

  • iOS developer
  • Android developer
  • Python & Django backend developer
  • QA engineer
  • Scrum master


Price considerations

In case you need a bigger team, the following price table applies for additional engineers:

Type Hours per Week Weekly Rate Description
Basic Web Team 40 $2,800/Week Basic team of two developers, one QA engineer and a Scrum master to manage the project.
Basic Mobile Team 40 $3,900/Week A team of three developers, QA and a Scrum master.
2nd, 3rd, etc additional developer 40 $1,100/Week Either web or mobile developer. For example, this would be the rate we will charge if you'd like to build a website along with your mobile application.
Additional Quality Assurance engineer 40 $500/Week QA/QC engineer

Development Process

We use Scrum framework when approaching web and mobile applications. The approach to development can be described as follows:

  1. Create a backlog - outlining all the features that may be developed
  2. Plan a sprint. Define what exactly will be done within the next iteration (typically 2 weeks long)
  3. Start a sprint. Kick-off meeting to get development started
  4. Daily meetings. Stand-up, 15-minute long meetings occur on a daily basis to keep track of the progress
  5. Demo. Once sprint is done, we show what was done to each other and the product owner
  6. Retrospective meeting. This is where we discuss what was good, bad and what we can potentially improve
  7. Start over again with new sprint

Once the product owner is happy with the product, we release it to production. A new sprint could be started upon release or the project can enter the support & maintenance phase. 

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