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How much does it cost to build an Airbnb-like app?

The payment of building an Tinder-like app includes the following services:

  • Design 

  • iOS and Android native app development     

  • Back-end development

  • QA testing

According to our estimates of similar projects, the average price is about:

$20,000 - $40,000

You can familiarize with the main features of an Airbnb-like application below.

How does Airbnb work?

The apps similar to Airbnb and Booking.com are designed for booking hosts all over the world. By using the service, not only can you book a room, but also rent your room or house out. It can be a huge palace as well as an airbed in the corner of a hallway.

All you need to do is to register and fill up your profile. Then you can explore the options in the place where you want to go and estimate how much your home can cost and then rent it out.

The project was created to make life easier for people who travel and those who have a free corner.



Joining Airbnb is free for everyone, whether you're looking to sell or rent a space. You can either create a login and account with your email address, or you can connect Airbnb to your Facebook or Google+ account.

There are many ways to fill out your profile. However, there are different requirements for both renters and hosts: 

Hosts: you must add a profile picture. There are also various verification options, which help prove to potential guests that Airbnb has vetted your account and proven your legitimacy. You can verify your phone number via the steps provided on Airbnb's site. You can also verify your ID, which means you've provided Airbnb with a verified email address, phone number, profile picture, and ID.

Guests: in some instances, guests may be required to have a verified ID. If you're making a last-minute reservation, you'll have to get verified. Airbnb also randomly samples users and asks them to verify their IDs.


After you log in, go to Airbnb's homepage where it will prompt you to search for a location, a beginning and end date, and the number of guests looking to be accommodated.

The app will then pull up all the available listings. If available, you can further specify your requests, such as looking for an entire apartment, a single room or a shared room, as well as maximum and minimum pricing.

The main features of the app like Airbnb

These are standard features you can’t be without when building a booking app:



Registration and Login

There are two ways of the registration:

  • Sign up with an email or phone number; Users need to enter their mobile number and will then receive a verification code, after this step, they will need to enter their name, email address and password and they are registered.
  • Log in with Facebook to sign up with your Facebook account.

In case the user forgets the password it can be reset through the app itself.

User Profile

Users create their personal profiles. There are two types of profiles: host and guest. The user can add information such as full name, sex, birth date, email address, phone number and personal description to their profile.


Having registered, a user has two options to choose form. If he is a guest, he can start searching for a suitable host. If he is a host, he can add his house or room.

Placing your host requires adding the information about it, like house type (house, apartment, or something else), room type (private, shared, or shared bed), accommodations, price, photos, etc.

Being a guest, you have some options to choose from for the best host. There are so many filters you can adjust: the place you want to visit, check in and check out dates, the number of guests, etc.

Invite friends

With this app, a user can invite their friends to join.

Add to favorites

In this section, the visitor can add chosen variants to favourites in order to be able to return there later or look again at several options, which he considers as "the best of the best." This is helpful if you like the place, but aren't yet sure if it's the one.

Translate feature

With this button, the user can translate every description of rooms into their mother tongue. How does it work? The text is sent to the Google Translator, where it is translated into the user’s chosen language. Then, the user sees the description in this language. This greatly simplifies the understanding between a guest and a host.


In addition to the text and filter search, guests can also search for the perfect place to stay with a map. This is useful if there is a fundamental point about what should be near to the room.


Messaging is a very useful feature inside the application. Thanks to it, you can contact the owner and discuss all the details of your booking directly from the application. This saves time on using additional apps for communications, such as instant messengers or e-mailing clients.

Request to book

If you're set on a place, you can make a request to the host to book it for you. That automatically takes you to the payment page, on which you put down your credit card information and can also write the host a little message about yourself.

Payment system

The payment options vary, but they include major credit, debit and prepaid cards, PayPal, and Google Wallet.



One of the most important components is the development of the server-side part - back-end. It is impossible to create an application that has a functional set a little bit more than the minimum without the back-end development.

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