CMS-Based Websites




CMS-Based Websites




Project overview



CMS is a web-based set of tools that are designed to create and manage a website and its content. It includes plugins to extend functionality and to make management of a website simple.




The problem 

Our clients wanted us to create a quality website with a modern and clean design, with a convenient structure, with possibility to manage the content of the website.




The solution 

Our developers helped to build a CMS-based website that allows to change any types of content without any tech knowledge in an easy way. We created the main features that are necessary for any website development and optimised the performance of the website.


Our works

Our engineers have created several CMS-based websites with necessary functionality and customized them to the client's needs. You can check them below.


Implemented features

  • Owl Carousel

    It is a smooth image slider that allows users to put different types of content into one place and switch between them. The plugin extends the functionality of the website and provides the ability to use a huge amount of content. The plugin supports touch navigation, automated switching with the possibility to specify switch time, slider items pagination, and have the opportunity to add custom styles and templates.

    CMS screen2.jpg
  • Information Board

    It is a multi-column plugin that allows the user to put items with different types of content. Information board items are separated by a vertical line and each column has: title, image label, text, and button sections. The amount of columns and background color can be specified. The plugin also allows users to post content with links to related pages.

    CMS screen1.jpg
  • Dynamic Tabs

    It is an easy and powerful mechanism to handle a huge amount of content within a small area through separating content into different tabs where each tab is viewable, one at a time. It gives users the ability to quickly access the content through switching between the tabs without leaving the page.

    CMS screen 3.jpg
  • Section

    It is a responsive, configurable container with a variety of available visibility and styling settings. Section plugin allows:

    • To set up a background image and settings for it;

    • To make a section and all the embedded plugins visible or not for mobile/tablet/desktop screen sizes;

    • To specify padding and margin for a section and embedded plugins.

  • Grid

    It is a container made by a CSS Grid layout method designed for the two-dimensional layout of items on a web page. Grids bring order to a page, making it easier for content makers and designers to quickly add elements to the layout.

  • Forms

    The plugin provides an exceptional and clean visual form editor which does not require any programming skills to create a contact form. This form creator is developed to help you build an unlimited number of simple forms, surveys, questionnaires, file uploads, and more. Form plugin allows you to receive messages from customers right to your email address.

    The main features are:

    • Customization of almost all the form elements such as: form name, title, description, submit button text, post submit message;

    • User redirection after a click on submit button;

    • Specification of the email to get messages from the form;

    • Spam protection.

    CMS screen 4.jpg
  • SEO and Meta Tags

    The plugin helps to optimize your website for more efficient indexing of your content by search engines and easier sharing on social networks. Depending on the requirements, our developers can change and create any additional functions for each website.


Feel free to play with the demo website to see its capabilities. You can also log into the admin panel using credentials.



Our engineers have created CMS that is partly based on Django CMS. We've used existing plugins and customized them, furthermore, we've added new features created by our developers.

Additional technical capabilities of CMS are:



Mobile friendly interface. The CMS automatically scales a website to fit tablets, mobile devices, etc. We created this ability using Foundation framework



Two accessible databases MySQL and PostgreSQL



Integration with PayPal and Salesforce



Exporting data into different file formats


Budget and Timeframe



Development of the CMS-based website would take one week or less depending on the exact features and setup. The budget for such website is $2,900.



Please, email us at:, or contact us via this page, if you want us to create a CMS-based website or if you have any questions.

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