Learning Python

This article outlines the key aspects of Python development process and emphasis on the most important materials any beginner has to learn.

Which version?

First question you must ask you is "What version of Python should I learn?". And the answer is always Python 3. Because of many reasons such us:

  • It would be developed further while Python 2.7 would be only maintained.
  • It has much more nice features and even more "pythonic".
  • There are enough support, libraries and so on to develop complete apps with Python 3.
  • It is production ready.

What should I know?

To be considered as Python developer there are several things you must know. This is where you need to start. First of all, the main resource of any Python developer has to be Python Documentation. This is where all you need to know is outlined. All the other books and courses are only explains and reword this.


Have a look at the documentation. You'll find tutorial with small compy saying "start here". That is absolutely true and you actually have to start with Python's official tutorial.

Language Reference

Now, when you are a little bit understand what is going on it is time to learn more about language itself. This chapter is basically the next step you must read about. For example, here you will find how can you use `with` keyword not only with `open('/path/to/file')` and much more.

Library Reference

Ideally, you must know everything about standard library. However, absolute minimum would be following chapters:

  • Chapters 1,2, 3, 4, 5. Built-in things. That is must know part. Everything that is outline there is absolute core and must be learned very carefully.
  • Chapters 8, 9, 10, 11. Sequences and working with built-in data types. That is something you will use day to day.
  • Chapter 19, 20, 21. Internet data handling. If you are looking to work with Python for web - must read.
  • Chapter 26 and 27 are clearly one of the most important to know for any developer. Testing and debugging are crucial for development.

That doesn't meant that other chapters are not important. That means you must know these first.

Any practice needed?

Grab a friend who does Python and ask him for a nice task. Alternatively, if you read everything, send your CV to AnvilEight and we will give you a task.

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