Affiliate Partner Program

AnvilEight is looking to expand affiliate network to grow the business and get more customers. We offer fixed payout as well as a percentage of the contract to Sales agent who joins our network. Commission structure is based on performance so the more leads you send, the bigger your commission will be.

Once a Lead is submitted Sales agent gets credited with fixed amount regardless the outcome of this Lead. Upon signing a contract between AnvilEight and a Lead, Sales agent receives the percentage of the total deal amount.

Leads per month Fixed Payout per lead % of the signed contract
< 5 10$ 10%
6-20 15$ 10%
> 20 20$ 10%

What is considered as a Lead?

Lead is a potential customer that have expressed an interest in one of the services we offer. There are several criteria that Lead have to satisfy:

  • Knows about services we offer and expressed an interest in particular service or services
  • There is already a communication happened between a Lead and Sales agent to confirm an interest
  • Lead have to be advised about the price ranges
  • Lead is advised that his personal information could be passed to AnvilEight

What information should be provided?

Once Sales agent establishes a contact with a Lead he has to gather the minimum amount of information in order to get paid. Namely:

  • Full name of a contact person
  • If company: company name, website, and address
  • Email address
  • Service(s) that a Lead is interested in
  • Any supplementary information including the transcript of a chat that happened between the Sales agent and Lead
  • Preferably, Sales agent sends and introduction email to a Lead and AnvilEight representative handing over the Lead

Drive traffic

Another option is to drive traffic to our website. You will get fixed amount of 50$ for the converted visitors who came via the link we give you. We provide marketing materials including banners and logos in various formats. Note, we validate and approve all platforms manually to ensure the quality of the placement.

How to join the program?

Please, contact us directly via ot trhought the contact page with a brief introduction of yourself and expressing an interest in this program. We may need to setup a skype call afterward.

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