Andy Soloman



"Working with Andrey and his team at AnvilEight is a delight. They are skilled at understanding requirements and prepared to really push to find solutions, but what really impresses me is that they go over and above to help by suggesting solutions or approaches that may not have been considered but which really add value to their work. Brilliant."

Lucy Challenger

Lucy Challenger2.jpg


"Andrey and his team provide round the clock care and development with all my websites and tech requirements. They are professional, attentive and got the extra mile to help find the solution. I've enjoyed working with them for many years and I look forward to many years to come. Thank you!"

Helmer Wieringa

Helmer Wieringa2.jpg


"AnvilEight combines modern projectmanagement methods (real Scrum) with a dedicated and highly skilled technology staff that can deliver complex front- and backend functionality in a timely fashion."

Shawn Wilkinson

Shawn Wilkinson2.jpg






"Great development shop. Able to get what I wanted done on a reasonable budget."

Paul Resnick

Paul Resnick2.jpg


"Andrey has pulled together a couple of different teams for me on different projects over the past few years. They specialize in python-based web development (Django; Google app engine) but have also been able to do some work on iOS and Android apps for me.I've learned a lot about good development practices from them, some of which I now try to teach to my students!"

Clifford Bergh

Clifford Bergh2.jpg


"Thx for the great job! Done in time and as requested. Several high level skills needed for this project, interfacing with other softwares. Not easy at all but they did it!"

Gavin Holzman



"Awesome service from these guys. Incredibly knowledgeable and got up to speed with my requirements, which were complicated, in no time."


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