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We are looking for strong Python developers. For junior position, please consider to apply to this job. This is a full-time job in the office located in Kharkiv. However, remote work is also considered.

At this moment, company is looking to increase the capacito on several projects, including ones for United Nations, Oxford University and University of Michigan. 

This role is web oriented. It requires decent knowledge and experience with the following technologies:

  • Strong knowledge of Python 3.x language
  • Django or Flask frameworks
  • PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • Celery with RabbitMQ
  • Django Rest Framework or Flask analog
  • Understanding of API design
  • Basic understanding of DevOps. This means capabilities to perform a straightforward setup of development and production environments

Additionally, here is a list of technologies that are nice to have experience with:

  • React.js or Angular.js. It might be useful if you lean towards frontend development more
  • Redis and MongoDB databases
  • Good DevOps skills
  • Numpy, scikit, pandas and related. In case you enjoy data science, machine learning and such, please apply as well
  • Tornado or twisted frameworks

Additional non-technical requirements:

  • Good English. Excellent read & write capabilities and decent spoken English are required
  • Understanding of Scrum
  • Appreciation of TDD and testing overall
  • Responsibility


  • Flexible working hours
  • Starting compensation in a range between 1'000$ to 2'000$. This doesn't imply the upper limit of the compensation. Everything above these figures could be achieved within a company and is not offered at start

We are looking forward to hear from great Python engineers!


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